Dog friendly cottages in Normandy | Holiday homes pets allowed in Northern France

If you’re looking for dog friendly cottages in Normandy, look no further: we have the biggest selection of cottages where dogs are welcome, and cover the whole of Lower Normandy. Not all cottages in Normandy accept dogs and other pets, and sometimes the quality of those holiday homes which allow dogs can be poor. That’s why we set up dog friendly cottages: to highlight all the top quality cottages in Normandy where dogs are not just allowed but actively welcomed.

What does dog friendly mean?

dog friendly holiday cottageAt a basic level, dog friendly cottages will allow you to stay with your dog or dogs, however many holiday cottages go ‘above and beyond’ to truly make your stay with your pet as comfortable as possible. For example, many properties feature enclosed gardens so that your dog can comfortably spend time outside without risk of escape. Others provide outside taps where dogs can be cleaned if they’ve got particularly dirty or sandy at the beach for example. Finally, some properties have large ‘walking’ areas such as a field where dogs can walk without fear of cars or other traffic.

How many dog friendly cottages are there in Normandy?

walkies and playfieldWell that’s difficult to say. There are literally hundreds of cottages available to rent in the Lower Normandy region, but not very many of them are what we would class as ‘dog friendly’. Properties are generally split into two categories: those which are ‘by the beach’, which tend to be newer properties (the french love new build), and then those which are further inland, which tend to be older, more quaint properties. Don’t be put off by distance to the beach: in Normandy, from many properties you can be at the beach in 10 minutes or less by car, and often in the countryside one gets the peace and quiet which can be lacking at the beach. Additionally, pet friendly cottages further inland will likely have bigger grounds than those which are right by the beach, because land in the latter tends to be expensive. Finally, holiday homes which are slightly further inland will give you better access to the whole of the peninsular, should you wish to explore further afield with your dog during your stay.

Holiday homes where pets are allowed in Northern France

dogs allowed signNot only dogs are welcome in holiday homes: there are many where pets generally are allowed. Always check with the owner, especially if your pet is more ‘exotic’! We’ve had requests for cats, rabbits and budgies, but some owners might have an issue with your bringing a pet rat, tarantula or snake for example, so not ALL ‘pets’ are allowed in all holiday homes. It’s also worth checking with the owner whether there is a good vet nearby, and if you don’t speak any french, you’ll need to check that the local vet speaks your language, or that the owner would be willing to act as interpreter if the need arises.

Are pets welcome on the beaches in Lower Normandy too?

photo of Dog friendly beach in NormandyLower Normandy’s best kept secret are it’s amazing sandy beaches… there are literally hundreds of kilometers of golden sand, and when the tide goes out (a LONG way!), this is even more impressive. The vast majority of the beaches are wild and empty most of the year, even in summer: tourists tend to head for the major resorts such as Agon Coutainville and Carteret. So long as you avoid taking your dog or pet to one of these beaches in July / August, you won’t experience any problems. So essentially, yes, pets are welcome on Normandy’s beaches also.